Decoding Dutch Insurance Jargon: All-Risk Insurance Explained

All-risk insurance, also known as comprehensive coverage, goes beyond the standard coverage offered by basic insurance plans


Electric Car Taxation 2024 Netherlands

Learn about the changing tax rates for electric cars in 2024 and beyond. Take advantage of the current low tax rate before it increases in 2025. Make an informed decision if you're considering purchasing a fully electric car in 2024 to enjoy five years of more favorable tax rates.


Auto Insurance Rates and Premiums in the Netherlands

Understanding Auto Insurance Rates and Premiums in the Netherlands


Understanding No-Claim Discount (No-Claim Bonus) in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the No-Claim Discount (or No-Claim Bonus) is a crucial factor affecting your car insurance premiums. This system rewards safe drivers with lower insurance costs. Understanding how it works can help you save on your car insurance in the Netherlands.

Tips for Expats and Newcomers for Car Insurance

If you're an expat or a newcomer in the Netherlands, navigating the car insurance landscape can be quite different from what you're used to. Here are some tailored tips to help you get started:

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WA, WA+ & WA++ All Risk

  • Damage insured against other cars
  • All Risk covarage
  • Reporting accidents for insurance purposes.