Car Insurance for new drivers

It's always agreat feeling to get your driver's license. The next step, of course, is finding your first car. A suitable car insurance is an essential part of car ownership. In this blog, I will explain what you should consider as a newdriver.

Which insurance is right for me:

If you own a car in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have at least a third-party liability (WA) insurance. A WA insurance covers the damage you cause to others. In addition to a WA insurance,you can also choose to have WA + Limited Casco or All-risk insurance for your car. These insurance options ensure that your own car is also protected. Think carefully about which insurance you choose.


Because supplemental insurance is more expensive, it might sometimes be wiser to insure your car with just a WA insurance. Perhaps you have a second-hand car as your first car, and additional coverage may not be necessary. If you still decide to opt for additional coverage, compare the various types of insurance and insurance companies first.Lastly, always consider your own financial situation.


Tips for getting your first car insurance:

1.    Examine the terms and conditions of the insurance policies (third-party liability,limited casco, and all-risk coverage) to understand what is covered and what isnot.


2.    Consider the age of the car and factors like how susceptible the car is to theft.


3.    Request offers from different insurers to make comparisons.


4.    Put the insurance for your first car under your own name. This way, you can startbuilding up a no-claims bonus immediately. With your next car, you'll benefit from a nice discount on your premium!


5.    Sometimes,it's wise not to claim for minor damages on your first car insurance but to cover these costs yourself. This way, you won't lose your no-claims bonus, and it won't affect the discount on your car insurance premium.

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