Understanding No-Claim Discount (No-Claim Bonus) in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the No-Claim Discount (or No-Claim Bonus) is a crucial factor affecting your car insurance premiums. This system rewards safe drivers with lower insurance costs. Understanding how it works can help you save on your car insurance in the Netherlands.

How No-Claim Discount Works

he No-Claim Discount is a system that encourages safe driving. For each year without an insurance claim, you earn a "schadevrij jaar" or damage-free year. Accumulating these years leads to a reduction in your car insurance premium. The more schadevrij jaren you have, the higher your discount and the lower your insurance costs..

Impact on Car Insurance Premium

The No-Claim Discount can significantly affect your car insurance premium. With a substantial number of schadevrij jaren, you can enjoy discounts of up to 80%. However, if you make a claim, you may lose a portion of your accumulated years, resulting in a higher premium. It's essential to weigh the benefits of claiming against the potential increase in future premiums.

Maintaining Your No-Claim Discount

To maintain your No-Claim Discount, consider not making small claims for minor damages that you can cover yourself. This way, you can keep accumulating schadevrij jaren and enjoy lower car insurance rates in the Netherlands.


Understanding the No-Claim Discount system is essential for expats looking to save on car insurance in the Netherlands. By driving safely and accumulating schadevrij jaren, you can benefit from significant discounts and ensure affordable car insurance coverage.

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